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Featured Article: Professional Sexual Misconduct: The Role Of The Polygraph In Independent Comprehensive Evaluation
Journal of Medical Regulation
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In the free feature article in this issue of the Journal of Medical Regulation, author A.J. Reid Finlayson, MD, and co-authors provide evidence that the use of the polygraph can be important as an investigatory tool with sexual misconduct cases by encouraging sexual offenders to admit to what they have done.

In other articles in the issue:

  • A Census of Actively Licensed Physicians in the United States, 2014,” features the FSMB’s latest biennial analysis of the most recent physician licensure data collected from each of the state medical boards in the United States.
  • In “State Medical Boards Self-Examination: Analysis of Oregon Data 2009-2012,” the Oregon Medical Board Executive Director Kathleen Haley, JD, and legal extern Kimberly Fisher, JD, retrospectively review inappropriate prescribing of controlled substances and sexual misconduct cases to analyze the board’s consistency in applying sanctions.
  • In “A Call for Differential Diagnosis of Non-Specific Low Back pain to Reduce Opioid Abuse,” Michael Barnes, JD, and co-authors argue there are important ways to manage prescribing and assessing patients who complain of back pain rather than just handing out opioids.


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