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Featured Article: Supreme Court Questions If State Regulatory Agencies Violate Federal Antitrust Laws
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In the free feature article in this issue of the Journal of Medical Regulation, authors Sindy M. Paul, MD, and Virginia Allread, MPH, focus on some of the problems and possible solutions to the abuses of prescriptive pain relievers that have recently plagued most states. Changing the way pain medication is used in the last 15 to 20 years has helped many crippled by pain to function better and live comfortable lives, but it also contributed to a new, challenging environment for prescribers, one in which the possibility of overdose and death from opioid abuse and misuse is higher. Paul and Allread demonstrate how New Jersey has worked to develop a multi-faceted program to combat negative consequences without sacrificing the benefits of properly used pain medication.

In other articles in the issue:

  • In "Implementing Strategic Changes to the USMLE" authors Gerard F. Dillon, PhD, and David A. Johnson, MA, document the care taken in developing new changes to Step 3 of the United States Licensing Examination (USMLE) in an effort to ensure this critical exam continues to reflect the rapidly evolving practice of medicine.


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