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Featured Article: Expectations for Physician Licensure A National Survey of Practice
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In the free feature article of this issue of the Journal of Medical Regulation, authors Mark R. Raymond, PhD, et. al., investigate the practice characteristics of newly licensed physicians for the purpose of identifying the knowledge and skills expected of those holding the general, unrestricted license to practice medicine. The results of this national survey are relevant to the topic of moonlighting by identifying the skills and procedures required of physicians who engage in this activity. While the study identified procedures that have limited utility for licensure decisions because they are not consistent with general medical practice, the inclusion of such procedures in residency may add value by promoting beneficial variation in training experiences.

In other articles in the issue:

  • In “The Special Purpose Examination: An Evaluation of Physicians Taking SPEX and their Pass Rates”, the authors focus on the Special Purpose Examination (SPEX) and its content and changes in use since its inception in the mid-1980s, including who is taking passing the exam and new information that will allow state medical boards to discuss further how to use it.
  • The “Legal Briefs” column analyzes a case the Supreme Court will take up this fall that will almost certainly clarify medical board immunity from antitrust liability and whose outcome may impact the ability of state boards to act in furtherance of the goal of public protection.


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