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Featured Article: A State Medical Board’s Assessment of its Physician Workforce Capacity: Purpose, Process, Perspective and Lessons Learned
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In a special themed-edition titled “Health Care Workforce in Transition: The Impact of Changing Demographic Trends and Delivery Models on Medical Regulation,” a diverse range of articles explore various aspects of the impact of workforce issues on state medical regulators.

In the free feature article, authors Jacqueline A. Watson, DO, MBA, and Deniz Soyer, MBA, of the District of Columbia Board of Medicine offer advice on the gathering of workforce data about health care professionals and how it can help shape a medical board’s policy making. The D.C. Board embarked in 2010 upon a three-phased project designed to collect demographic and practice characteristic information on licensed physicians and physician assistants under the Board’s purview. The article outlines the process the Board used in compiling the data and offers perspective on the project for other state medical boards as they consider launching their own workforce data-gathering efforts.

In other articles in the issue:

  • A team from the American Academy of Pediatrics compares practice patterns of board-certified and non-board-certified pediatricians, raising questions about how professional competency measures such as Maintenance of Certification and Maintenance of Licensure might impact future patient access;
  • Policy analyst Jackson Williams, JD, explores a new paradigm for U.S. health care that places greater emphasis on managing population health and proposes extending great responsibility for health care services to non-physicians; and
  • Physician workforce experts Edward Salsberg and Christina Hosenfeld comment on the critical role state medical boards can play in helping assess workforce needs, and a research team from the FSMB offers data on state medical board information-gathering practices and opinions.


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